Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When the World was Flat

If I get on my bike
and I ride
to the sea

When I sit in my boat
and I row
to the end

How far will I fall?
Will it hurt?
Will I land?


Anonymous said...

No, You will land on yet another sea row the breadth of that and slip off the edge again and land again and again and again. You will never see the same sea twice and you will never tire of your voyage and never remember the one before but sometimes in certain moments you will feel an inkling of familiarity this when planets and stars align and link the flatness in a circular way. You will gaze up and wonder at the flatness of it all.

Kaya said...

Nope. Its circular nature reaffirmed today. Things take a circuitous route. We wish to circumvent them or silently query about our future's path. The truth is, past and future always connect at some point, creating our round, rolling, brief existence. It all happens regardless of how far we row our little catamaran, and how desperately we want the ever-elusive edge.