Saturday, March 20, 2010

Untitled X

Precise pace,
the hour's thin arm repeats its count.

The gong goes,
as time tumults forward.

And the minute's hand recycles sixties.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Existentialism and a Most Obnoxious Cognizance



that could be

but lofty ideals

forever concealed because of one thought:
I'm everything I'm not.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Portland Alphabet

(Image: Roderick Smith, "Daybreak")

Alberta and 39th, band jam, beers
Bike wars
Concerts at Doug Fir and dancing dirty
Dirty, oh dirty, simian regression
Food carts. Korean tacos gorging fuel for the
Hiking, and like Alaska
Iditarod, urban cart races for day drinking and jubilation
July and August break the rain
Killing time on
Lovejoy with
Mary Jane, wearin' my
Nikes. Drag on my cigarette and I'm sent to
OHSU while still stoned so I enter the purple walls
Powell's social science room. 10 deep is the
Queue for chess at the courthouse square.
Recycled menagerie for sale at Saturday Market.
Stumptown cups trailing in the morning rush and a
Transient, high from the methamphetamine.
Unified liberals in a political vacuum. Solace in
Voodoo. Bacon bars, phalic, fried doughnuts.
William and Meriwether students remember Cobain at
XXX Marys. Can't stop now because
Yesterday was for catchin' the


At the heart of the human condition lies cowardice
if we let it
because our nerves tighten at the energy of deception
and the moment
when we give into our weaknesses.

So I disappeared.
My sins weighing heavy and I crawl out of the grave
dug deeper than the requisite six foot depth
for a corpse.

the hole
to the earth's

Where my past turns to ash in the molten mantle.

But before
I run away,
I wonder if you too have sinned against me,
but the equilibrium is not enough
to keep me here
for I will keep punishing you, or myself.
I don't know anymore
where the line begins
and when it will ever

Untitled 3

Existence is so easy for some.

The energy
to breath and appease the tears
that tempest behind disquieted

Too much
too long
tomorrow never comes.

Living today's light
and the hours move on
waiting for midnight to come.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today, a Picnic

An early spring, deserved.
Families crowd under, the sun.
Little babies coddled, at breasts.
Purple pacifiers, protrude.
From fattened mouths.
Mothers in their summer, dresses.
Flowing floral parade, softens.
February's passage into, the ides.
But for now, picnic basket.
In the park and we, pretend.
It will never, end.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Don't forget two grab too of those to.
I won't come if you don't cum here.
As the raining runner, I go weather or not the whether reigns.
Forget that I have for kisses four you.
Hour song played on the radio every our.
My sole lies in the distance that my souls can run.
Icarus was the sun who flew high to the son.
Life starts when all you sea is the see.
Getting so hi and saying "high" instead of "goodbye."
There falling so fast from they're podium their.

Don't Pity Me

cuz I'm a crazy cool cat
give me a kiss
tackle me in the mud
and sully my white summer dress

smile under covers
in the morning
before brushing
after fucking

Love me
Forget me
Hold me
Need me
Leave me
Paint me
Remember me

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Untitled 2

Ragged roads.
Losing lane lines of sight
beyond bends.
Bending crooked journeys
from circuitous pavement.

Non linear reasons beyond me.
Desire's destiny beyond
essing interstates mark
lanes impassable.

Endless roads truncate
rolling stones
gather moss.
Errosive rock.

Journeymen sling Socratic notions.
Still waiting for answers
about simple solutions
around the mountain
the road reaches round
dragging on the journey.

All the while
never asking
why they
never build straight.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Untitled 1

Cuz the devil and me dancing free
in the night, knocking out light
with our tap, tap, tapping toes
and you'll see us tracing constellations
because the devil runs free
and me
I ain't got nothin' but me
and the devil makes two.