Monday, August 2, 2010


Sometimes she wonders where that leaves her.

Hopeless and hapless as she waits.

Eternity awaits.

When she said goodbye, unable to know she loved him.

Drifting through time.

Only to come back to the thought of him.

Discovering she loves him, but he’s gone.

Distant words find her, but it’s words for the deaf

Her personal misery and his face in the strangers that pass

All that remains are questions

Does he still think of her when she remembers their first time under mountain skies?

“Sail Away With Me”

See, I do.

Does he seek her eyes in each city, with his next step or new breath?

Is he carried to dreams by the wings of another or is his bed still aching for her?

Perfect forms in the mattress.

And my summers remain heavy because clouds will not clear

My life was left with you.

To know him again.

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