Friday, March 5, 2010

Portland Alphabet

(Image: Roderick Smith, "Daybreak")

Alberta and 39th, band jam, beers
Bike wars
Concerts at Doug Fir and dancing dirty
Dirty, oh dirty, simian regression
Food carts. Korean tacos gorging fuel for the
Hiking, and like Alaska
Iditarod, urban cart races for day drinking and jubilation
July and August break the rain
Killing time on
Lovejoy with
Mary Jane, wearin' my
Nikes. Drag on my cigarette and I'm sent to
OHSU while still stoned so I enter the purple walls
Powell's social science room. 10 deep is the
Queue for chess at the courthouse square.
Recycled menagerie for sale at Saturday Market.
Stumptown cups trailing in the morning rush and a
Transient, high from the methamphetamine.
Unified liberals in a political vacuum. Solace in
Voodoo. Bacon bars, phalic, fried doughnuts.
William and Meriwether students remember Cobain at
XXX Marys. Can't stop now because
Yesterday was for catchin' the


danny cosmic microwave said...

homely token blondes are holding down the square in black veils stolen from their grandmothers. no one is listening. falls quiet. marching sounds. grinding glass under heel. crows circle in distance.

Anonymous said...

Hey it just big F#*king logging town girl. Always was always will be so party on while the timber stands.

Roderick Smith said...

Hey there Kaya. Good to see and hear the hum of the old town. I see you there like a striped spirit on a wild tangent. In and out of the cloudy light Dappled by your golden locks and seeing wildly into the astonishment of your being. Your words are wise with irony and perception and sensual delight. i love the confusion of images the collage of pictures They make me giddy even in when they slip out to the edge. Your're in motion and thats the game.


danny cosmic microwave said...

and pittsburgh is the same, if you needed to know.