Friday, March 5, 2010


At the heart of the human condition lies cowardice
if we let it
because our nerves tighten at the energy of deception
and the moment
when we give into our weaknesses.

So I disappeared.
My sins weighing heavy and I crawl out of the grave
dug deeper than the requisite six foot depth
for a corpse.

the hole
to the earth's

Where my past turns to ash in the molten mantle.

But before
I run away,
I wonder if you too have sinned against me,
but the equilibrium is not enough
to keep me here
for I will keep punishing you, or myself.
I don't know anymore
where the line begins
and when it will ever

1 comment:

Roderick Smith said...

I have been tempered. The weighted iron ball withdrawn from the molten pool glowing red hot and ready to swing back into orbit. rs